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Balena is our 23-foot Airstream trailer. Balena means “whale” in Italian and we affectionately call her B. Balena, or “baby whale”, because she’s heavy, stubborn and primarily migrates up and down the California coast. The recipes in this collection are inspired by these travels.
barley soup mix
Soup Mixes in Jars

A favorite one-pot lentil and tomato-based stew, dotted with plump, tender tortellini, spiked with a range of spices. Just add water and a can of crushed tomatoes.

A make-ahead take on classic corn chowder. Made with a potato flake base there are a thousand ways to top it off and serve.

Just add water and a splash of coconut milk to make this fragrant curry noodle pot.

This is an herb-flecked, hearty, Italian Barley Soup with a bit of a hippie twist. Add water and a can of crushed tomatoes and you’re on your way.
adventure pancake mix recipe dry in package

Quick-cooking split lentils make this an ideal one-pot camping meal. I lean heavily on dried spices and seasonings here, allowing for a good make-ahead scenario.

A hearty, lemon-brightened risotto perfect for cold days. While it’s not traditional, my recipe calls for adding a bit of quinoa and some walnuts to the mix for some nutritional boost.

Mix this homemade blend of seasonings into a standard 16-ounce container of your favorite Greek yogurt and you’re less than a minute away from a great dip.

Generously flecked with sliced scallions, you can cook them on a skillet or griddle, or pop them in a pizza oven or r.v. oven.

Make your own chile-spiked mac & cheese powder and I suspect you’ll have a hard time going back to the commercial versions.

Serve this herb-flecked dip with just about anything: potato chips, roasted vegetables, crudite or toasted pita.
pancake recipe ready to eat

Loaded with seeds, nuts, and whole grains these pancakes are super fuel for busy mornings. I tend to make six batches at a time, setting us up with easy pancakes for days.

Peppered with toasted walnuts and made extra creamy by pulsing a portion of the oats and mixing in a bit of buttermilk powder, these instant oatmeal packets are a game-changer.

The strong stuff. This mix delivers a thick, rich, incredibly decadent hot chocolate. You only need a tiny mug full. The wildcard here is a transformational boost of black cocoa powder for that flavor you get when you bite into an Oreo cookie.



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Heidi Swanson is a California-based cookbook author, photographer and website publisher. She is a New York Times bestselling writer and winner of two James Beard Awards. You might spot her on an Airstream adventure with her husband and their cocker spaniel, Polly. Please say hello if you see them!